About Galligan & Manning

Our History

Mary and Tammy received their legal training at major Houston, Texas law firms. Mary spent nine years at Butler & Binion, while Tammy worked for five years at Richie & Greenberg and Gilpin, Paxson & Bersch. After leaving their respective firms, Mary and Tammy collaborated on several probate litigation cases and found that their philosophies and working styles complemented each other.

In 1997, Mary and Tammy formed their partnership and chose as their office a charming Victorian home built in 1912 and located close to downtown Houston, Texas. The law firm focuses on probate litigation (for example, will contests), estate planning, estate administration (probate), guardianship and general civil litigation. Given that many of the cases handled by Galligan & Manning involve estates and family relationships, the attorneys place a high priority on preserving family relations while resolving interfamily conflicts. Mary and Tammy are also trained mediators and offer a team mediation approach to contested probate matters.

The Team Approach

The attorneys and staff at Galligan & Manning recognize the importance of working with a client's other professional advisors in order to provide the most comprehensive and effective representation possible for the client. We are very comfortable with a team approach and value the input and participation of our clients' other advisors. Whether the professional advisor is another attorney who has referred a probate litigation or estate administration case, or a financial consultant or certified public accountant who recognizes how important estate planning is to a client's financial health, we make every effort to keep the advisor informed (and involved to the extent the advisor wishes) during the course of our representation of the client. A professional advisor who refers a client to our firm can take comfort in knowing that one of our highest priorities is to justify the trust the professional advisor has placed in us.

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